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Implant Dentistry

About Implant Dentistry

Implants are alternatives to complex restorative treatment on your natural tooth such as conventional bridges, and dentures. Constructed of Titanium an implant is placed into your jaw bone. Implants are safe, non-toxic, and biocompatible. Your bone will grow around the implant and osseo-integrate to the fixture. First tried over 30 years ago, dental implants have evolved to provide a treatment option with 95% success rate over 10 years. Now considered the Number 1 option to replace a missing tooth, implant based treatment is the future of replacing gaps.


Our Implant Dentists:

All of our implant dentists have undergone extensive training in implantology and only use the best implant system available.

Waronga Etiabari

Oral Therapist

Patricia Illiopoulos

Dental Prosthetist

Dr. Vincent Tran

General Dentist

We offer free initial implant consult to allow all our patients the opportunity to see if dental implant is the right treatment for them. Book now by calling 9311 1590 and one of our friendly staff will arrange for your complementary appointment.

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